County Resources Related to Development

The Department of Regional Planning developed the Potential Housing Sites Mapping Tool , which shows sites that have potential for affordable housing and/or for medium/high density housing developments. For more information about the data layers themselves, please access the ‘About’ widget in the upper right hand corner of the map. Use the overview tutorial document to learn how to use the app.

Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA)

The LACDA manages various programs for affordable housing in the unincorporated areas and participating cities. While many of the programs use Federal funding, there are also County-specific programs, such as the Los Angeles County Housing Innovation Fund (LACHIF) and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (which will grow to an annual $100 million by 2020). To learn more about these programs and to stay informed about Notices of Funding Availability:

The Grants Portal tool from Public Works Department shows grant applications submitted in Los Angeles County, and can be used to review grant applications and plan for new opportunities. 

Use the tutorial to learn how to use the app.

Locate LA County


Learn more about Los Angeles County’s Economic Development Program, including workforce and business support.  Good demographic information is available from this site.


LA County Housing Resource Center
LA County Housing Resource Center

The County’s HRC is a free rental housing listing service for landlords and assists residents in locating housing resources for affordable, special needs, accessible, and emergency housing.  The web-based service is also supported by a toll-free call center.