Affordable housing that supports walking,
biking and transit now has a source of funding to get across the finish line!!!

The State’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program provides affordable housing loans and capital grants for the creation of affordable housing in conjunction with transportation improvements. The goal of AHSC is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and increase accessibility of housing, employment centers and key destinations through low-carbon transportation options such as walking, biking, and transit. The County of Los Angeles is currently seeking developers to partner for Round  AHSC applications due in 2024. Contact us today!

Technical Assistance from the County of Los Angeles

As part of Los Angeles County’s goal to increase affordable housing, the County is providing technical assistance to developers of eligible projects in unincorporated areas and County-owned land, and partnering on transportation-related planning for the projects. Since 2018, the County partnered with affordable housing developers, transit agencies, and the City of Los Angeles to submit AHSC applications. Through these collaborative efforts, the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) has awarded over $100 million to fund six projects with plans to develop over 600 affordable housing units.

With the infrastructure in place to support AHSC applications, the County is gearing up for Round 8. The application deadline is expected in March, so the time to start is now!

Please refer to the tabs below for more information and resources. To request a meeting to discuss whether your project is eligible, click on the ‘How to Get Started’ tab.

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