In partnership with the County of Los Angeles, LADOT, and Metro, National Core’s 3rd and Dangler receives $23.8 million from the California Strategic Growth Council to create a vibrant transit-oriented community.

In partnership with the County of Los Angeles,

LADOT, and Metro

Los Angeles, Calif. – On Thursday, June 25, the California Strategic Growth Council announced an award of $23.8 million to the National Community Renaissance (National CORE) and the County of Los Angeles for the 3rd and Dangler development and transit improvements in East Los Angeles.  This transformational development is a public/private partnership that will convert vacant County-owned lots into a vibrant, transit-oriented community in the heart of East Los Angeles.

The site, which has been vacant and unimproved for decades, will provide 78 beautiful apartment homes along the Metro L Line (formerly known as the Gold line) between the Maravilla rail station and the East LA Civic Center rail station, connecting nearby residents to job opportunities in downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.  The community will be 100 percent affordable, providing a mix of studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartment homes for households earning less than 60 percent of the Area Median Income.

“This project is in line with my continued commitment to combat and prevents homelessness by fully utilizing County assets for community benefit,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. “The 3rd and Dangler development will offer many East Los Angeles families a vibrant, livable community with easy access to public transit. Promoting and supporting these kinds of sustainable housing projects is the most effective way to combat our region’s homelessness crisis. I am excited to launch this unique housing development — the only one of its kind in unincorporated Los Angeles County to have been awarded a grant from the California Strategic Growth Council. Through this unique public-private partnership, National CORE, the California Strategic Growth Council, and Los Angeles County will create a more inclusive neighborhood that will meet the needs of all residents.”

The development’s funding is part of the Strategic Growth Council’s Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program, which supports developments that foster smart growth in urban settings.  National CORE partnered with several entities, the County of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to create a “complete community”.  This partnership brings affordable housing options near major transit systems, increasing mobility options, promoting sustainable urban design, and helping to transform the surrounding area.

“National CORE is honored to be part of this public/private partnership, working together, to better serve the residents of East Los Angeles,” said National CORE President and CEO Steve PonTell.  “The 3rd and Dangler development will bring much needed affordable housing, mobility options, and neighborhood improvements to residents of East Los Angeles.”

The total award amount for the 3rd and Dangler development is $23,856,673 of which $13,987,646 is allocated to housing, $9,436,127 for nearby public improvements and transportation upgrades and $432,900 for transportation-related programs. The transportation set-aside includes $5,000,000 for Metro, $1,200,000 for LADOT, and approximately $3,200,000 for Los Angeles County.

The 3rd and Dangler development will bring additional investment to the neighborhood. The award will allow LADOT to obtain five new electric buses to support route modifications and service expansion for the Boyle Heights East Route.  Metro will be able to add five new zero-emission buses to support the operation of the restructured and enhanced bus service on Metro’s Line 70 along the Garvey-Cesar Chavez corridor.  New bus shelters and upgrades are planned along the streets surrounding the new development. 

“We are appreciative of this grant to purchase additional zero-emission buses as part of this important development and look forward to achieving our agency’s goal of converting our entire fleet of buses to electric buses by 2030,” said Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington. “Metro continues to seek ways to reduce emissions and help improve our region’s air quality. These zero-emission buses will provide reliable service while also reducing the agency’s carbon footprint, a win-win for our riders, our communities, and the environment.”  

To create safe and accessible walkways, some of the funding will be allocated to create new walkways within Belvedere Park.  This will include new lighting and beautiful landscaping.  In the surrounding community, infrastructure improvements include sidewalk repair, curb ramp upgrades, and high visibility crosswalks. These improvements will be prioritized near bus stops.

Additional improvements include the installation of a context-sensitive Bicycle Boulevard along 4th Street and Ferris Avenue, creating a new linkage between existing bicycle facilities on Mednik Avenue and 6th Street.  The addition of three Brisbane Box on Dangler Avenue and 98 street trees on County-maintained streets surrounding 3rd and Dangler will add to the beauty of the new development.

National CORE is committed to providing cost-contained, high-performance developments, providing affordable housing options near major transit systems in urban communities, increasing mobility options, promoting sustainable urban design, and helping to transform the community.  The 3rd and Dangler development will help to revitalize the neighborhood, providing new opportunities for residents and the community-at-large.

About National Community Renaissance (National CORE)

National Community Renaissance based in Southern California, is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit developers of affordable housing. National CORE manages nearly 9,000 affordable, senior, and market-rate units in California, Texas, and Florida. National CORE’s strength is in its ability to offer partners an array of in-house capabilities that navigates the complexities of planning, developing, building, managing, and providing supportive services.  For more information on National CORE, please visit

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